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Patient Rights & Responsibilities

It is your responsibility to : 


Give correct and complete information about your health status and health history.

Ask questions if you do not understand information or instructions.

Inform your caregivers if you do not intend to or cannot follow the treatment plan.

Accept healt consequences that may occur if you decide to refuse treatment or instructions.

Cooperate with your caregivers.

Respect the rights and property of other patients.

Tell your caregivers of any medications you brought from home.

Report any changes in your health status to your caregivers.


You have right to : 


Respect and Privacy


Respect in a caring and safe environment.

Personel Privacy and confidentiality of your health information.


Quality Care


Proper evaluation and treatment.

Proper pain assessment and pain management.

Be free from restraints , except when needed to protect you or others from harm.

Be free from abuse.

Have access to protective services.

Spiritual services upon request.

Have your concerns heard and resolved when possible. If you have concerns about your care , contact your caregivers or supervisor. Also you can contact with Dr. Ali BIGONAH via telephone  ( 90 ) 553 591 0121 or send an email


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